Subscription payment solution can be used as a billing solution ideal for periodic and recurring payments when the sum collected remains unchanged each time. In the case of a subscription module, it is the Gateway’s system that initiates the payment on behalf of the merchant. It is also possible to use our token payment solution in order to collect subscription payments in which case the sum collected can vary each time and it would be the merchant’s system initiating the payment via its own backend. To successfully process subscription payments, you need your client’s approval to take funds from their account at an arranged time with agreed regularity.

It works for you:

  • If you need to bill your customers regularly (whether the amount is fixed or variable).
  • If you wish to ease the billing process for you and your client.
  • If you want to have better control over your billing collection processes.
  • If your area of activity, for example, is a software-based service, advertising, newspapers/magazines, sports club, office supplies, transport services, cleaning services and so on.

How does it work?

In order to enable subscription payments for your customers, you need to describe a Plan in Merchant Portal by defining exactly how you wish to bill your clients e.g. set a specific price for a service, set the frequency for the payment, name the specific subscription etc. Based on the defined Plan, would need to sign an agreement with the customer via your online environment in order to start collecting the recurring payments. When implementing subscription module EveryPay will process your payments with the exact regularity and amount agreed between yourself and the customer. 

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