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The easiest way to integrate with EveryPay is to use our redirect payment page. When Customer clicks on your page “Checkout” button, Customer will be redirected to the payment page. In order to make the redirect page to look more like yours and make it more trustworthy for your customers, we have provided you with an easy way to refer to your company by displaying your own logo on the payment page. Adding your logo and changing email are very easy:

  1. go to the sign-in page of  Merchant Portal
  2. under Settings, choose E-shop settings and choose the website you would like to edit
  3. for adding Logo press button Upload new logo and insert your company logo that is in supported file format
  4. don’t forget to save the changes

Supported formats are jpg, jpeg, png and gif. The maximum size of the logo can be 200 KB, the width must be at least 370px and height at least 150 px.

After uploading the logo via Merchant Portal, it will appear on your payment page.

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