Subscriptions assume that there are already one or more Plans configured in Subscriptions section in the Merchant Portal. 

A Plan enables to define a template with the service name, cost, currency and the frequency for the Subscription to be billed on recurring basis.

When creating a Plan, the following fields must be specified:

  • Plan name: To identify the plan  e.g. Gold Plan, Yearly plan etc.
  • Cycle price: The amount the customers will be charged.
  • Processing account: Defines the currency (and whether 3DS is used for initial payment) in which the customer will be charged.
  • Calendar synchronized: If opted ‘yes’ then the period always starts on corresponding calendar period (beginning of week, month, year).
  • Cycle unit: How often the  customer will be charged.
  • Cycle length: This defines the frequency of the payments for how often the customer will be charged.
  • Billing day of period: Enables to define when to bill the Subscription from the customer: 
    • indicates the day from the beginning of period on which the payment will be processed;
    • applies for all periods;
    • by default set to ‘1’;
    • will be defined by entering the positive number manually.
  • Breakoff day: Enables to define a day which will be considered as a maximum allowed day for the current period signup, later Subscriptions are handled as pre-payments for the following period. E.g if “Billing day of month” is defined as ’05’ and “Breakoff day” is defined as ’20’ then for all Subscriptions registered until 20.01 (included) the first automated recurring payment will be processed on 05.02 and for Subscriptions registered starting from 21.01 the first automated recurring payment will be processed on 05.03.
  • Plan end date: The duration of agreement. Can be left undefined.
  • Trial period: Free introductory window of time for customers on a recurring billing plan. Can be set by using ‘Trial period length’ and ‘Trial period unit’.
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