For card payments, Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card payments are currently supported. The functionalities include one-off payments, convenient link-based payments, subscription payments as well as a token and recurring payments that enable automation of various billing processes for different types of businesses. 

Alternative payment methods (APMs)

APMs are used as an alternative to card payments. Payment gateway platform currently allows to use the following APMs:

  • Payment initiation service 

A payment initiation as a bank transfer where payer initiates a payment from its bank and the service provider receives the funds to the bank account designated in Merchant Portal. Bank transfers are implemented based on the Open Banking APIs. It is an emerging term in the financial services sector that refers to the use of APIs enabling third-party developers to build applications and services around the financial institutions. It will provide greater financial transparency options for account holders ranging from open data to private data, and allows customers to pay for the goods and services directly from their bank accounts. Following banks are supported: SEB (EE, LV, LT), Swedbank (EE, LV, LT), LHV (EE), Citadele (EE, LV, LT), Luminor (EE, LV, LT), Siauliu Bankas (LT), Coop (EE).

  • PayPal

Payers can pay to the service provider via their PayPal account. A service provider can configure its PayPal merchant account credentials at Merchant Portal to accept PayPal payments. Funds will be settled directly to the service providers PayPal account. 


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