Normally after the customer has confirmed the payment it will go to final status (settled or failed) in a few seconds but in some cases payments stay in Sent for Processing status a few minutes up to half an hour.

To make it more convenient to customers, so that they do not have to wait in the spinner page, merchants are able to allow customers return back to e-shop after the payment is authorised. 

To allow that please enable setting under e-shop Allow returning customers in the middle of payment processing”. That means after payment is confirmed then the customer will be redirected back to the e-shop within 10 seconds when the final status might be still unknown. When the final status is known earlier then the customer is redirected to e-shop immediately.

It’s up to the merchant to design the message that is shown to the customer when the final status is still unknown. When the final status is received then a callback is sent to the merchant and the merchant can ask the status form API endpoint payments/:payment_reference .

This functionality does not affect card payments.

This is for merchants who have custom integration, this functionality is not supported by our e-shop plugins and LinkPay.

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