Merchant wants to provide quick and convenient buying process for the customer. Instead of having to re-enter the card details every single time when purchasing customers card details will already be pre-filled. However, as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement applies to all customer-initiated online payments within Europe, the 3DS authentication might be required during the payment process, depending on the customer’s bank decision. In order to initiate the CIT payment first the merchant needs to get card token for the initial payment. Steps for CIT payment:

  1. Payment request to be initiated with the API endpoint  /payments/cit and ‘token’ is present.
  2. Merchant will get payment initiation response.
  3. Customer involvement might be required to complete the  3DS authentication, after that payment is processed.
  4. Payment Gateway sends callback notification with payment_reference and order_reference to callback_url.
  5. To payment status merchant sends request with  API endpoint /payments/payment_reference.
  6. Payment Gateway sends back response that includes cc_details.token.
  7. Customer is redirected back to merchant.

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