LHV Partial Payment allows you to make a purchase today but pay later in smaller installments – with no additional fee added to your purchase price. With LHV Partial Payment, you can pay later in two or three equal installments, allowing consumers to make immediate purchases for larger sums and pay over a period of up to three months. As a merchant, you receive payment immediately. LHV Partial Payment is a beneficial and convenient solution for all parties involved, making shopping easier than ever before.

To sign up for our LHV Partial Payment service, simply complete the registration process. Once signed up, our support partner will assist in setting up your BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) payment method. Once everything is in place, we will notify you that your BNPL payment method is ready to use.

Merchant Process:
You have the flexibility to use your preferred payment method, whether it’s LinkPay or API/one-off. To initiate a payment, submit the payment details via the API using the /oneoff request. We will process your request, and if the amount is suitable, we will include BNPL among the available payment options.

If the merchant manages payment methods independently, they can check available payment methods using the /processing_accounts/{account_name} endpoint. Adding an additional “amount” parameter will return the payment method list with logo URLs according to the limits configured in the Merchant portal, allowing for setup accordingly.

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