Account number
An issuer-assigned number that identifies an account in order to post a transaction. Used also as Primary Account Number (PAN).

A Financial institution that processes card payments on behalf of a merchant

Alternative payment methods (APMs)
Payment methods that are not linked to the global card brand networks such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

A process with what card Issuer approves or declines the use of the card for a particular purchase transaction at a merchant

A process with what card Issuer assures that the presenter of the card is a valid card owner

An individual who is issued and authorized to use a card or virtual account.

Card-absent environment
An environment where a transaction is completed under both of the following conditions: 

  • Cardholder is not present
  • Card is not present

Used also as Card Not Present (CNP) transactions.

Card Verification Value (CVV)
A unique check value printed on the back of the card to validate card information during the authorization process.

A transaction that an issuer returns to an acquirer as it was disputed by cardholder or processed in error.

Copy request
A retrieval request that is processed through an electronic documentation transfer method.

Credit transaction receipt
A transaction receipt evidencing a merchant’s refund or price adjustment to be credited to a cardholder’s account.

Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI)
A value used in an e-commerce transaction to indicate the transaction’s level of authentication and security. A numeric value that indicates if a transaction was 3DSecure, Attempted or Normal SSL.

Internet Protocol address
A unique number that is used to represent individual computers in a network. All computers on the Internet have a unique IP address that is used to route messages to the correct destination.

A Financial institution that issues payment cards.

An electronic card used for transactions made online through a computer or a smartphone, like a credit card or debit card. When used with a smartphone, consumers store the credentials of their preferred card for payments and use biometrics to authorize the transaction. For example Alipay, Tenpay, PayPal, Yandex.Money

Merchant Plug-In is a software module designed to facilitate 3D-Secure verifications.

Normal SSL transaction
A transaction processed without 3DSecure

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
A set of comprehensive requirements that define the standard of due care for protecting sensitive cardholder information.

Payment gateway
A system that provides services to e-commerce merchants for the authorisation of online transactions.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the requirement needed to accept payments online.  The card details are guarded in Payment Gateway and merchants’ website won’t touch the sensitive card detailsRead more about PCI here.

Recurring Transaction
Multiple transactions processed at predetermined intervals not to exceed one year between transactions, representing an agreement between a cardholder and a merchant to purchase goods or services provided over a period of time.

A clearing record that an acquirer presents to an issuer through Interchange after a chargeback.

3D Secure
A transaction processed such that the cardholder is given an opportunity to validate the authenticity in real-time during the purchase process. It is a card authentication anti-fraud protocol developed by Visa and MasterCard and called Verified by Visa for Visa card transactions and MasterCard SecureCode for MasterCard transactions.

In case of fraudulent transactions participating in 3DS Authentication provides protection for both authenticated and attempted authentication transactions. If a participating merchant authenticates or attempts to authenticate a cardholder and either the issuer or cardholder is not participating in 3DS, the merchant is provided with protection from chargebacks for the certain chargeback reason codes

3DS Attempted
For those cases where a merchant tries to process transactions with 3dSecure, but the card/issuer was not enrolled

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