OCT – Original Credit Transaction, payment method that enables direct transfers of funds to credit card users. Once the customer saves their card data, then payouts can be made automatically. Mainly intended for businesses where payouts are daily business (for example Casinos)

How to make a credit transaction

  • Create a card token with oneoff or checkup payment.

  • Merchant can get card token from /payments/:payment_reference endpoint after successful checkup or oneoff payment.

  • Start credit transaction:

    • Make a request via POST/v4/payments/credit endpoint. As a result, you will get payment_reference in the response. At this stage, the payment has been created and is in ‘Initial’ status.

    • Make a request via POST/v4/payments/charge using received card token and payment reference. After a successful response, the payment status changes to ‘Settled’.

  • On Payment Statistics Dashboard, credit transactions are deducted from ‘turnover’ and included in ‘successful payments’ number with a positive count.


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