The solution provides hosted payment methods selection form, however, if you prefer to implement the payment methods selection into your digital environment please follow the following instructions.

  1. Get a list of e-shops configured in the gateway and present the list for selection, use API endpoint /shops. Chosen e-shop should be stored as a configuration parameter.
  2. Get details for the selected e-shop, including the list of processing accounts using API endpoint /shops/:id . This list should be presented for multi-selection and result stored as configuration parameters.
  3. In the background fetch details of selected processing accounts and payment methods using API endpoint  /processing_accounts/:account_name. Endpoint will return details of the account – type of authorization, currency, 3DS or non-3DS, delay days for automatic capture of the transaction and bank account verification. The endpoint shows all payment methods that are available for this account –  source, display name, country code and URL to fetch the logo for payment method. This endpoint should be used periodically to update the payment method list. 

Parameters and examples for the endpoints can be found in API documentation

The setup process asks for API credentials:

    • api_username
    • api_secret

Production (Live) and Test environments have different API credentials.
API credentials are defined in Merchant Portal under General Settings.

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