Initial: Payment is initiated by Merchant. Payment method is not selected yet. It is a common state for card payments and open banking payments. The customer is supposed to select the payment method and continue the payment flow.

Waiting for SCA (strong customer authentication): In this state, the payment method is selected as open banking. IBAN is selected, payment initiation is sent to the bank and the customer is waited to complete SCA.

Settled: This state is obtained after the customer completes SCA and payment passes all the checks on the bank side. This is the final state.

Failed: Payment can get ‘failed’ state in payment initiation or after the customer completes SCA. In the first case, the reason might be a technical error or the bank may reject the payment initiation. In the second case, even though payment flow is completed, the bank may reject the payment due to various reasons such as ‘Insufficient funds’, or ‘Incorrect beneficiary name’. This is the final state.

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