To start accepting payments using PayPal payment method you should contact your Acquirer to enable it for your e-shop.
If this payment method is enabled, you should see it in “Payment methods” section.

How to enable PayPal payment method:

  1. Go to the sign-in page of the Merchant Portal
  2. Select Payment methods
  3. Click on PayPal payment method
  4. Click Edit
  5. Enter Client and Secret from which you can find under your PayPal account and click Save
  6. Switch to Processing accounts section
  7. Open processing account, mark PayPal payment method and click Save


PayPal demo credentials:

Client AVGUCvMeHRTJD1StESV2co0Lm-eTtUvLZw6N6vSBqHIFNnbyaltgheJhZVxr6dkIF-qqqyayqgCL_MEX
Secret EFSEXnnwp_BqKtnx7_UsrADNwEQkkpR7_bph_8S2mSmZEw_B75B9-qKknh7TFzRgMeOF0fJEtyKetp6y
PayPal Log in:
PayPal password: nM9>sK$*


in Merchant Portal
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